Every business has a story. In fact, many stories.
Itís time to tell them using video.
More than ever business websites need video content.
While video cameras are readily accessible, many find their own results
disappointing. Thatís where we come in. We create short videos for business.
Professional quality: HD images and High Quality, Clear Sound!
We provide professional consultation taking your business from concept to completion.

Types of Videos
1) The Profile: 1-2 minutes straight to camera with support images.

2) The Profile 2: 1-2 minutes interview style with support action b-roll.

3) The mini-doc: 3-5 minutes with more than one interviewee, testimonials, b-roll

Rates are based per finished video minute and determined by content and concept.

Itís time to create your own channel and share your stories!
Bring back visitors for new content shared across all social media sites: Youtube,
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In and others
Click the link below for an example of a mini-doc produced for the non-profit
organization, The Imagination Connection
Click Here